SR News

SR News is the University of Sunderland student-run platform for news in the Tyne and Wear area. This platform covers online multimedia and radio.

I have covered politics, world affairs and culture for the website as well as conducting interviews.

I also do weekly bulletins for the broadcast aspect of the website.

Here are the online articles I have done:

SR News

  • An article looking at celebrity reactions to the General Election 2015.

  • A follow on article from the above, looking at the general public’s reaction to the General Election 2015.

  • An article detailing some of the Summer Budget cuts.

  • An article looking at the Tunisian terror attack.

  • Local MP Julie Elliot talking about the fox hunting debate.

  • An article on Shorthand Social about the David Puttnam Masterclass during the Journalism induction week.

  • An article on Amelia Lily starring in American Idiot theatre show. 

  • An article featuring my telephone interview with Andrea Faustini.

  • An article on an e-petition that thousands of students signed in Tyne and Wear.

  • An article on two representatives from Sunderland Youth Parliament going down to Westminster to begin Parliament Week.

  • An article c0-authored by me and other colleague on an ex-Tory MP discussing an e-petition.

  • An article about the Autumn Statement and the tax credit u-turns.

  • An article on the North East Chamber of Commerce’s response to the Autumn Statement.

  • A listical on people’s reactions to the Autumn Statement.

  • An article on a local theatre company reaching their target for a new project.

  • A breaking news story on a fire in Newcastle.

  • An article on the Don’t Bomb Syria protests.

  • A follow-up breaking news story on a body being found in a fire.

  • An article on a man that is running everyday in December for charity.

  • An article on Storm Desmond.

  • An article on reactions from Tyne and Wear people on the vote for Syrian air strikes.

  • An update article on Storm Desmond focusing on the metro disruptions.

  • An article to highlight that the number of North East women in work has risen.

  • An article on student reactions to the WH Smith in Sunderland closing.

  • An article on the number of Tyne and Wear people to sign a petition blocking Donald Trump from UK entry.

  • A feature on Natalie Bennet’s visit to Sunderland.

  • A news piece about a Donald Trump petition.

  • An assignment piece on a Sunderland graduate donating to local and international causes at Christmas.

  • A news piece on Human Rights Day.

  • An article on a pub opening its doors for veterans on Christmas Day.

  • An article on the Sunderland to London Virgin Train launch.



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