Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the arts, culture and entertainment platform at the University of Sunderland.

I am culture coordinator for the website so my articles focus on news and culture, however I have written reviews for theatre and music albums.

  • My review of the Sunderland City of Culture Bid Launch Event. 

  • An interview with Mark Blacklock as part of the Sunderland Literature Festival. 

  •  An interview with Amy McLean about her new novel.

  • My first music review on Demi Lovato’s new album – ‘Confident’.

  • An interview with Lee Ridley, as part of the Sunderland Literature Festival.

  • A feature interview with the organisers of NGCA Presents.

  • A follow-up article to the above.

  • A review of the theatre show – Dreamboats and Miniskirts.

  •  A follow up news style interview with Holmeside Writers group. 

  • Fawcett Street arts review and interview.

  • Interview with the Crab Walk exhibition curators.

  • Interview with some of the Crab Walk exhibition artists.

  • Review of the Crab Walk art exhibition.

  • Seinabo Sey: Album Review.

  • An article on what the Autumn Statement says about culture.

  • An article on the Creative Futures Launch at the House of Commons.

  • An article on National Novel Writing Month.

  • Season Review: Jessica Jones.

  • A review of the Look and Inspire Exhibition.

  • An interview with the vice chancellor of the university on the Creative Futures launch.

  • An interview feature with Natalie Bennett.

  • An interview with members of Spectral Visions.

  • A preview of the Sunderland Then and Now Display.

  • A listical of the top ten books to buy this Christmas (2015).

  • A listical of the top ten boxsets to buy this Christmas (2015).



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