Mentally Sound: Gravity Radio North East

Gravity Radio North East is a community radio station based in the North East.

I currently contributed to a show called Mentally Sound – a two hour show on mental health.

I am a social media volunteer with the organisation as well as being a co-presenter.

Here are my contributions:

  • Mentally Sound Show 1 – A piece on blogging and mental health. (Starts 1.38.28).

  • Mentally Sound Show 7 – Co-presenting the show.

  • Mentally Sound Show 8 – A mental health news segment. (Starts 1.03.50).

  • Mentally Sound Show 9 – Co-presenting the show.

*DISCLAIMER: In a part of the podcast I say that I find it difficult to go to university three days a week. In retrospect I should have explained what I meant. What I meant was with mental health sometimes it is difficult to carry on with thoughts going on in your head.

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