Day in the Life Series

I have chosen to do a day in the life series on my blog to help young people and students make decisions about a career in the creative industry. I will be interviewing professionals and students about their sectors and about a day in their life, as the title suggests.

I’ll be posting interviews with different professionals every week and the posts will be linked here!

I’ll be covering everything creative so if you want to get involved, please contact me via Twitter – @Sophie_Dishman or any of my other social media accounts listed on the contact me page!


#1 – – A Day in the Life of a Digital Copywriter.

#2 – – A Day in the Life of a Creative Entrepreneur.

#3 – – A Day in the Life of an Academic Tutor and Podcast Producer.

#4 – – A Day in the Life of a Creative Degree Student.

#5 – – A Day in the Life of a Senior Account Manager.

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