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A Year in Review: Politics.

What a year it has been for politics – the General Election back in May, the rise of the Scottish National Party (SNP), the leadership races for the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats and of course, the decision on the EU Referendum heating up. Here’s my year in review of politics. It was a […]

Has capitalism taken over?

Capitalism. Good ol’ capitalism. Money. Materialistic items. And more money. Who would of thought that we would fall for it? Marx knew and we didn’t. The world is now driven by money. How much we spend and how much we earn. We flaunt how much we have and what our money can buy us. The […]

Should we be teaching children and young people about other faiths in Britain?

An article appeared on my Facebook news feed yesterday and it caught my attention. The headline – Schools ‘Must Teach Britain Is Christian’. This post is in response to the article. Under the new Department for Education guidelines, non-faith schools have to reflect the fact that British religious traditions “are in the main Christian” while taking […]

“An English Girl’s View on Scottish Independence”.

I wrote a post featured as a guest blog on Moon Child and I’ve decided to cover it for Topical Tuesday. With independence looming once again, with regards to the EU, I thought it would be fitting to take a look back at the Scottish Independence Referendum and what I thought about it. It’s just over […]