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One year on: where am I?

It will soon be one year since I made the decision to leave my social work course. It wasn’t an easy decision  – in fact it was one of hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I’d been thinking about it but I’d been putting it off because I loved my social work course. I wanted to […]

Reflections: 1st Year of Social Work.

Well on Tuesday, I finished my first and last year of Social Work. I handed in my last assignment, which was by far the hardest one I’ve ever done and put my books back in the library. My social work books have all been sold too so no more Social Work for me. But whilst […]

An announcement.

Some of you may know that I have had continuous disability support assessment’s over the past few weeks, as I was advised to get some support in place. This meant I had to pour all of my worries and anxieties out to one person to write down on a piece of paper. On Tuesday, I […]

Real Social Work.

The College of Social Work has a new 5 point plan for the next government, which was launched on the 12th March at their annual conference. In the media, social work takes a battering, to say the least. There is a constant, negative stigma hanging over our heads. As a social work student, I get […]

Reflection on Semester 2.

Semester 2 of my social work degree is now over. 8 weeks ago I was reflecting on Semester 1 and now I’m reflecting on Semester 2. It’s been a brilliant semester. I’ve changed a lot as a person, both personally and professionally. I’ve also learnt a lot – because I studied child law, sociology and […]

New Career Plan.

I did a career plan before university, as part of my college work and did a revised career plan at the end of my first semester…well now I am coming to the end of my first year of my Social Work degree! (How time flies!). My career plans have changed, once again, so I thought […]

Politics as a Social Work Student.

To be honest, even though I had an interest in politics before coming to university, I never saw its relevance to social work. I could not see at all how it was related, until my first politics lesson (it’s called social policy, at my university). We learnt about the left and right spectrum and found […]