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First impressions: July magazine freebies.

Is it just me or have the July edition’s of magazines been amazing with their freebies this month? I decided to pick six up as I was perusing through the aisles while shopping. Yes, six. I bought Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, In Style and Red. Four of these came with freebies – the best freebies I’ve seen in a while. […]

Lush Cosmetics’ Charity Pot review.

Note: I apologise that this blog post did not go out yesterday. I scheduled it but it didn’t work (as usual!). This week is Equality Week and it’s also National Vegetarian Week too. I’ve been thinking about becoming cruelty-free so knowing Lush is a cruelty-free brand I decided to take a look in my local store. Among the delightful fumes […]

Things I wish I’d known before becoming interested in beauty.

Being interested in beauty is a long term thing, once you love beauty, it’s hard to not keep it up! I’ve been interested in beauty – makeup, haircare and skincare for a few years now and I wish I’d known a few things looking back in hindsight. Here’s five things I’d wish known about each before I became […]

My Beginner Skincare Items.

Many of us have been beginners in the skincare arena – I must admit I still am a beginner. Before I started having a skin care routine, I remember trailing through hundreds of articles and YouTube videos trying to find the answer to what skin care items I needed and what type of skin I […]

Review: Rituals Sakura Scrub.

As you may have seen in my post before this, I recently received some Rituals products. This was the second Rituals product that I was gifted. If you want to read about the other product you can do so here. If you don’t know who Rituals are then that’s okay! The idea behind the brand […]

Review: Rituals Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream.

Rituals is a skincare brand that offers high-end products. The brand is inspired by nature and maintains high standards when it comes to its items. The brand is also cruelty-free meaning it does not test on animals, which is another bonus for the brand. I received the Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream as a gift last […]

My Evening Skin Care Routine.

I posted my morning skin care routine here last week, but now I’m going to show you my evening skin care routine. I wear makeup throughout the day and a lot of it in my opinion, so in the evening I need to take it off properly. There’s nothing worse than going to bed with makeup on – […]