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Student Maintenance Grants: Going, Going, Gone.

Student maintanence grants are gone. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. For those that don’t know what student maintenance grants are; or were – they were given to students who had a household income of less than £42,620. If you had an income of less than £25,000, you were entitled to the top […]

A Year in Review: Politics.

What a year it has been for politics – the General Election back in May, the rise of the Scottish National Party (SNP), the leadership races for the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats and of course, the decision on the EU Referendum heating up. Here’s my year in review of politics. It was a […]

My Political Journey in 2015.

My political journey in 2015 has been up and down, trailed and tested and left little room for misjudgement since I now write about it on SR News and other websites, including this blog. At the start of the year, following my social policy module at university, I was sure that slightly more towards the […]

A reflection on the relationship between the health sector and politics in 2015.

We all know that the health sector and politics don’t always get on. Their relationship has been turbulent throughout 2015. Here are some of my key moments in their love/hate relationship this year. Mental health waiting times. Guidance for the new mental health waiting times was brought out following the Department of Health announcing the […]

A Political Who Am I?

I’ve been interested in politics since the age of 16. On 6th May 2010, I was a few days away from being 17. I couldn’t vote – I was young and didn’t have any knowledge of politics, apart from knowing the political parties in the running for the election. I remember being in awe of people […]