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The study doesn’t surprise me.

Disclaimer: If you are affected by this post then please seek professional support and advice.  As a woman and as someone under the age of 35, I’m at the greatest risk of developing anxiety according to new study by Cambridge University. I already have three anxiety disorders – OCD, health anxiety and social anxiety all bundled up into […]

The higher education paper: my opinion.

The higher education sector has been a key topic throughout the past week – from the University and College Union (UCU) strikes where members were striking for fair pay within the sector, to the Higher Education paper and the changes to student loans. Many of these will affect students so as a student myself I […]

Some children may never know their school nurse – they won’t have one.

Do you remember who your school nurse was? I don’t. There was a room that not a lot of people went into. I didn’t know what it was really – and it seems that all to commonly the people in those rooms are school nurses and they are hidden. You don’t know they are there until you really need them. […]

What sparked my interest in reading and writing?

NOTE: This article was originally posted by me on Crosby Book Pleasure.   I’m training to be a journalist. It automatically means that I’m interested in reading and writing. It’s actually pretty hard to answer the question – “what do you do?” as I do a lot! It’s a tough question but I’d say that I “do” […]

Student Maintenance Grants: Going, Going, Gone.

Student maintanence grants are gone. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. For those that don’t know what student maintenance grants are; or were – they were given to students who had a household income of less than £42,620. If you had an income of less than £25,000, you were entitled to the top […]

A Year in Review: Politics.

What a year it has been for politics – the General Election back in May, the rise of the Scottish National Party (SNP), the leadership races for the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats and of course, the decision on the EU Referendum heating up. Here’s my year in review of politics. It was a […]

Should we be teaching children and young people about other faiths in Britain?

An article appeared on my Facebook news feed yesterday and it caught my attention. The headline – Schools ‘Must Teach Britain Is Christian’. This post is in response to the article. Under the new Department for Education guidelines, non-faith schools have to reflect the fact that British religious traditions “are in the main Christian” while taking […]