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Dear Theresa May.

A short letter to the new Prime Minister Theresa May. Dear Theresa May, You’re the second woman to be Prime Minister following in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher. Of course, you already know this, but it’s a great achievement. You’ve shown that women can go on to hold leadership roles in Parliament. That’s something to admire. Many have consistently […]

Friend today but not tomorrow.

The EU referendum has been and gone, but it’s left a lasting impression and has affected the country – but it may have also affected friendships. Some people voted in, some people voted out and some people didn’t vote. Simple. But what’s struck me is the impact it’s had on people’s personal lives. People have […]

My Global placement: post placement thoughts.

I’ve completed my placement at Global – that’s Smooth, Capital and Heart – as I’ve gotten used to saying. I did a few things with LBC as well as they’re under the Global name too. Anyway, in case you didn’t know I was working with Global for the EU referendum that has just passed. You may have seen […]

My Global Placement: Pre-placement thoughts.

Just a short post for you today! Yesterday I went for some training at Global in Newcastle – which hosts Smooth, Capital and Heart here in the North East. I must admit I was quite nervous – butterflies and the like were buzzing around – in my stomach, of course. (Although it was quite a warm […]

The study doesn’t surprise me.

Disclaimer: If you are affected by this post then please seek professional support and advice.  As a woman and as someone under the age of 35, I’m at the greatest risk of developing anxiety according to new study by Cambridge University. I already have three anxiety disorders – OCD, health anxiety and social anxiety all bundled up into […]

Why you should register to vote.

Today is an important day for politics – the deadline is closing at midnight for registering to vote in the EU referendum. There’s been a push for people to register as after tonight you won’t be able to turn up and vote. The referendum takes place in 16 days time and you should’ve registered so you […]

The higher education paper: my opinion.

The higher education sector has been a key topic throughout the past week – from the University and College Union (UCU) strikes where members were striking for fair pay within the sector, to the Higher Education paper and the changes to student loans. Many of these will affect students so as a student myself I […]