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Tips for building contacts as a journalism student.

Moving into the second year of my course, I know I’ve established a lot of contacts in different topics and geographically within the North East patch. Building up contacts is something that is reiterated a lot during the first year of your course – and so it should be because it’s one of the most important foundations to […]

I’m done. It’s over.

I’m done, it’s over – the first year of my journalism degree is complete. It all began in September when I started as a fresher on another degree course, but here I am 228 days later with all of my assignments and exams finished. I now have a packed but also relaxed four months ahead of me […]

Seven top tips for using Facebook as a journalism student.

I started using Facebook professionally a number of years ago, but since September I’ve used Facebook in a stricter way. As a journalism student I frequently use Facebook in many different ways. Here are seven top tips for using Facebook as a journalism student. Get added to local and community groups. Local and community groups in your […]

Five ways having a blog helps you as a journalism student.

Blogging has been a passion of mine since December 2013 – and I’ve never looked back. I blogged when I was a social work student and now as a journalism student I still blog. But why do I blog? How does it help me as a journalism student? Here’s five key reasons why having a blog […]

Top 10 political people and organisations to follow on Twitter.

I must admit writers block got the best of me so I thought I’d do a listical of the top 10 political people to follow on Twitter. I follow lots of political people – from journalists, to bloggers, and of course, politicians. I also follow organisations too. As part of my course, I have to be politically […]

The pressures of social media.

Today I appeared in the Daily Mirror – in the newspaper… And online. But I’m not hear to brag on social media. I’m here to talk about the bad side of social media – the pressures of social media that can get young people down. A survey by Privilege Home Insurance has revealed figures that definitely worry me […]

Nine tips for using Twitter as a journalism student.

Social media is a great tool when you are a journalism student for many reasons. Finding stories, finding sources and gauging opinion on the stories you’ve written are just some of the ways you can use Twitter. I’ve been using Twitter for a number of years, but have started using it as a journalism student […]