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Interview with It Affects Me: Part 1.

*Disclaimer*: This post discusses OCD and intrusive thoughts that include death. If you are affected by this post then please seek professional support and advice as I am not a trained medical professional.  Mental health problems affect me. They affect many of us either through personal experience ourselves or through knowing someone who has a mental health […]

The NHS gave me life.

Sixty-eight years ago the NHS was born – more than 22 years ago, I was saved by the NHS. I wasn’t breathing when I was born. I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and was blue. I was stillborn. I was taken away to be resuscitated for 30 minutes and for those 30 minutes NHS doctors […]

Interview with Men Tell Health Part 3.

*Disclaimer*: If you are affected by this post then please seek professional advice and support as I am not a trained medical professional.  Sadly we’ve come to the final part of my interview with the wonderful Men Tell Health. If you’ve been following this short series for the past few weeks then welcome to part 3. If […]

Interview with Men Tell Health Part 1.

It was Mens Health Week last week which focused on the importance of mens physical and  mental health as they are equally important and just as important as female health. I’ve connected with a few mens mental health charities and projects and came across Men Tell Health. I asked Gary Pollard, who runs the project a […]

The study doesn’t surprise me.

Disclaimer: If you are affected by this post then please seek professional support and advice.  As a woman and as someone under the age of 35, I’m at the greatest risk of developing anxiety according to new study by Cambridge University. I already have three anxiety disorders – OCD, health anxiety and social anxiety all bundled up into […]

Me & my asthma.

Note: I am not being paid or sponsored to do this post.  This week’s Topical Tuesday post is all about asthma. I’ve put a spin on the normal Tuesday post because my asthma affects me more in the summer – so it really is a current affair for me. It’s got nothing to do with politics of […]

The one small thing that helps me.

Note: This post was originally written for Time to Change for their campaign Small Things. You can see the original post here.  I wanted to post this today because I’ve had a difficult few weeks – but if there’s one thing that’s been helping it’s a smile. I’ll start with “how are you?”. How are you today? […]