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Second year stationery haul.

It’s that time of year again; the time where we flock to the stationery aisles and shops alike to pick up our shiny new stationery. The stationery we think we need, but that we really don’t. But new stationery has to be bought to feel like we’re ready to go back to university, right (or is that just me?). It’s just an urge, you […]

Summer Book Haul.

I’ve been stuck in the house for a number of days now because of migraines. Ouch! So yesterday I decided to head into town to pick up a few things. And as usual I came back with a lot of new things. But this time, it wasn’t just makeup, I bought some new books too. It’s always great to go into a book […]

Accessories Haul.

As you can see I’ve been on a little (huge) accessories haul recently. I originally went to get some more earrings – and well I suppose I did get what I wanted, but these other things took my fancy – and that’s okay – a girl can treat herself, right?  The first thing I picked up was this leather watch […]