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My Hair Care Routine.

I’ve been going to a professional salon for a while now to get my hair done – and I mean the full works every time. Getting my hair cut and coloured on a regular basis means I need to look after my hair a lot. I get a treatment at the salon I go to, every two months […]

Things I wish I’d known before becoming interested in beauty.

Being interested in beauty is a long term thing, once you love beauty, it’s hard to not keep it up! I’ve been interested in beauty – makeup, haircare and skincare for a few years now and I wish I’d known a few things looking back in hindsight. Here’s five things I’d wish known about each before I became […]

6 mistakes YOU are making with your hair care.

We all make mistakes. Let’s get that out in the open now. No-one is perfect, even when it comes to looking after our hair. Here’s six mistakes you are making with your hair care and more importantly how you can rectify them! We all want to know how to improve, right? Washing your hair everyday. […]

Review: L’Oréal Hair Expertise Set.

L’Oréal have realised a range of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks to meet your every need. I’ve tried the Ever Pure range for colour weakened hair. I’ve had my hair dyed twice in a few months and it’s starting to show. The range is free from sulphates and silicone and other nasties that don’t do your […]

Frances Marshall Hair Salon: Review.

On Monday, I decided to make a change – I chose to get my hair cut short again and to get it dyed a different colour. How different you may ask? Ginger. I wanted to dye my hair ginger. For those that follow me on my social media, you may be familiar with my hairstyle, or now […]