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OOTW: Outfit of the Week

My outfit of the week this week is my favourite so far. I picked up a few key autumn/winter items and decided to try some of them out. Here’s my favourite combination that I wore this week.                  I’ll start from the top to the bottom to mix […]

OOTW: I’m Not Disordered Event.

I write about fashion on a Friday, but I didn’t go out much this week as it was reading week. Last night I attended 100k with I’m Not Disordered – a friend’s event which was celebrating getting over 100’000 views on her blog. So I’ve decided to do a fashion-specific post on what I wore […]

OOTW: Outfit of the Week

I’ve decided to do outfit of the week posts for #FASHIONFRIDAY as well as regularly doing other fashion-related posts. Here’s my outfit of the week for this week: Autumn is my favourite time to dress up in different textures and layers and this was my favourite outfit from this week. I decided to wear my […]