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Dressing for how I feel.

I don’t really think I have a “style.” I have my go to pieces of course, but I like to mix things up. I guess you can say a lot of people are like that though? So what makes me that little bit different? My clothes reflect how I really feel. I don’t dress a certain way all […]

OOTD: Minimal Maxi.

This week’s outfit of the day was something that I didn’t really think about to be honest. I chucked them on in all honesty in a rush – and it worked! Don’t you love it when that happens? I know I certainly do. So, what’s exactly in my OOTD? Firstly as always we have my trusty hat. I love my hats so it had to be in […]

Instagram’s Runway for All campaign.

You may have heard of Instagram’s Runway for All campaign. If you haven’t then it’s highlighting diversity in the fashion industry and how the runway should and must be a platform for everyone. Everyone’s different and that’s what makes us all the same. Many of us can buy the same thing in a high street store or from a designer boutique […]

OOTD: Tea Dress Treat.

On Wednesday I decided to head out for a spot of shopping and to meet a friend for a catch up. This week it’s been pretty warm, so I decided to pop on one of my dresses. I hardly ever wear dresses so this was a treat for me. There’s really only two items that make up this […]

An interview with MedFed.

Mental health and fashion is something that we don’t normally marry together. Can mental health awareness be shown through fashion? Should we be using an aesthetic medium to show solidarity and understanding with people who have mental health problems? Well Erica Camus is using her fashion line MEDFED to promote mental wellbeing and to challenge stigma and stereotypes. So Erica, what […]

Accessories Haul.

As you can see I’ve been on a little (huge) accessories haul recently. I originally went to get some more earrings – and well I suppose I did get what I wanted, but these other things took my fancy – and that’s okay – a girl can treat herself, right?  The first thing I picked up was this leather watch […]

My four fashion wishes.

Is it just me or does everyone have fashion wishes? You know when you walk into a store and wish they had something in your size or in a different colour – but it just doesn’t happen. Well that happened to me on Tuesday. I found the most beautiful shoes and they didn’t fit – they were […]