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The link between epilepsy and me.

I don’t have epilepsy, I’ll clear that up now. But I have two family members that have had seizures in the past. My sister had febrile seizures when she was younger. They are also known as febrile convulsions. I wasn’t very old then but I remember my mum saying my sister was “blue.” She’d swallowed […]

Dear Dementia…

Dear Dementia, You’ve had a huge impact on our lives since you made your way into my Grandad’s brain. You’ve changed our lives in so many ways, but you’ve changed my Grandad’s life the most. He used to sing a lot and he’d always smile when we saw me. Now, he doesn’t know who I am anymore. I can’t […]

One year on: where am I?

It will soon be one year since I made the decision to leave my social work course. It wasn’t an easy decision  – in fact it was one of hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I’d been thinking about it but I’d been putting it off because I loved my social work course. I wanted to […]

Becoming a blogger for the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust.

*Disclaimer* – This is not an ad or sponsored post. I am writing this freely and without being asked to by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust (NTWNHS). Also note that these are my views and not those of NTWNHS.  You may or may not know that I am now a blogger for the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Trust. […]

A Day in the Life of a Deaf Student.

This week’s Day in the Life comes from Gabrielle Hall. Gabrielle is profoundly deaf and uses hearing aids. Here’s a day in Gabrielle’s life as a deaf student.   I have a disability. I’m profoundly deaf and regularly use hearing aids. This is a typical day in the life of a deaf person. My day starts […]

An Interview with the Models of Diversity Assistant Director – #disabilityfight4fashionright.

I’m honoured to have the opportunity to speak to Gemma Flanagan. Gemma is the Assistant Director for Models with Disabilities at Models of Diversity. She has a disability herself and here I ask her a few questions about the charity and about the latest campaign. What is Models with Disabilities/Models of Diversity? Models of Diversity […]

5 Things having a disability has taught me.

Now you may or may not have seen my disability post last week all about why I am determined to go into journalism despite having a disability. You may be wondering what can having a disability teach you? It can teach you a lot of things. For the record, in case you haven’t read this blog before, I have […]