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A Day in the Life of an Artist.

I’m looking forward to sharing this week’s post with you, simply because it’s amazing! I’m going to get right into it. This week I spoke to Sophie Lisa Beresford. Sophie is 30-years-old and is an artist and by her own definition a healer. How did you get into your job? My job is within me […]

A Day in the Life of a Head Educator at Blitz and Pieces Historical

It seems apt to give you something a little different this week – and I’ve been learning a little bit about the history of journalism. That may give you a clue! It’s still entirely creative but it’s a blast from the past in terms of history. This week I spoke to Darren Stride, who is […]

Has capitalism taken over?

Capitalism. Good ol’ capitalism. Money. Materialistic items. And more money. Who would of thought that we would fall for it? Marx knew and we didn’t. The world is now driven by money. How much we spend and how much we earn. We flaunt how much we have and what our money can buy us. The […]

A Day in the Life of a Creative Entrepreneur.

For the second week in this series, I decided to look at creative entrepreneurship and look at creative people who have their own business. This week, I spoke to Krupali, the woman behind Aroma Cake Boutique. Krupali is 30 years old and describes her business as “yummy Indian/Middle Eastern inspired cupcakes and afternoon tea baked treats”. Krupali […]