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I’m a woman and a WWE fan. So what?!

There are a lot of misconceptions about female WWE fans – from the supposed idea that the only we watch just to ogle at the male wrestler’s bodies (we don’t – it takes more to be a WWE superstar than having a chiseled body) to the illusion that we don’t understand the matches. First and foremost, […]

Summer Book Haul.

I’ve been stuck in the house for a number of days now because of migraines. Ouch! So yesterday I decided to head into town to pick up a few things. And as usual I came back with a lot of new things. But this time, it wasn’t just makeup, I bought some new books too. It’s always great to go into a book […]

My week at Whinfell Forest Center Parcs.

Holiday time has been – and gone – for me. I went to Center Parcs for a week like I have done since 2014. It may not seem like much of a holiday to you but everyone likes a different type of holiday. For me staying in the UK and being surrounded by nature makes me feel like I’m […]

They’re not just songs to me.

Many of us love music and some of us may have songs that mean something to us. It could be the lyrics, the beat, the person it’s sung by or maybe it’s because you attach that song to a memory. I have a lot of songs that mean a lot to me. I have them all on a playlist on Spotify called […]

My oldest friend’s book wish list.

Today is National Best Friend Day and I wanted to give Ryan who’s been my friend for a number of years the chance to share his book wishlist since it’s What’s Up Wednesday – the day where I talk about books, music, films and more! Here’s his wishlist. Well, today it is National Best Friend Day. […]

My interview with Lost Voice Guy.

I’ve been reflecting on how far my journalism skills have come since September. I wanted to share an interview I did with Lost Voice Guy AKA Lee Ridley. I had the opportunity to interview Lee at the Sunderland Literature Festival back in October at the start of my degree. Here’s an edited interview with him which […]

What’s on my film shelf?

Yes. I have a film shelf. Don’t a lot of people? I thought I’d share some of the films I have on said book shelf. Not all of them are mine – some of them I’ve borrowed, some are my partners and some aren’t even films! There’s a mix of games and TV shows in […]