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5 things being a carer for people with physical conditions has taught me.

So, as you may know already, I’ve been a carer for 11 years. The people I care for have physical conditions – for example angina, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and epilepsy. But what has that taught me? I’ve done similar posts as the people I care for have mental health or neurological problems and some […]

7 things being a carer for people with mental health problems has taught me.

You may be thinking – not another seven things post. But today is an important day for everyone, not just people with mental health problems. Now you may be thinking, what’s so important about today? Well…It’s Time to Talk Day. It’s a day where people are encouraged to talk about their mental health. (Side note: We should talk about […]

Is being a carer “fashionable?”

Today’s Fashion Friday is a bit of a different post. Why? – I hear you ask? Well…today I launched my Carers at University project that I did with Fixers UK, you can read more about it here. But, I want to explore the concept of “being a carer” being “fashionable”. You may be thinking, what is she on about? I’ll start with the […]

Young Carers Awareness Day: How being a carer has affected me at university.

It’s Young Carers Awareness Day today – the day where young carers are recognised, not only for their caring responsibilities but as children and young people. We are not our caring responsibilities. Being a carer is part of our identity, it isn’t our identity entirely. I’m writing this post as a retrospective, looking back at […]

5 things being a carer for people who misuse alcohol has taught me.

*Trigger Warning* – This post discusses alcohol misuse. I’ve been a carer for nearly 11 years now – you should know that by now if you are a regular reader. Over those years, I’ve cared for four people who misuse alcohol. It’s difficult and it is one of the reasons why I personally do not drink alcohol. […]

How has being a carer affected my mental health?

*Trigger Warning: This post contains a discussion of self harm and self destructive behaviour. If you are affected by this post then please seek professional help. I went to speak at a Young People’s Mental Health Awareness Day event on Tuesday (January 12) at Northumbria University. I spoke about how being a carer has affected my […]

11 things being a carer has taught me.

I’ll have been a carer for 11 years this year. That’s half of my life as I turn 22 this year. Being a carer for my family for that amount of time has taught me a lot about myself and life in general. Here are 11 things that being a carer has taught me: To remain strong. Being […]