I have blogged and blog for a number of organisations during the past year.

I have blogged for:

  • British Medical Journal.

A blog about being a carer as part of Carers Week. 

  • Buzzfeed.

Another article that I wrote for Carers Week about my experiences as a carer whilst being at university.

  • Carers Trust.

Blog posts from Carers Trust about being a carer and experiences etc.

  • Carers UK.

A post about my experience of isolation as a carer at university.

  • Cult Noise.

– A fact and opinion based article on the misconceptions of sex. 

–  An opinion article on ten top tips for surviving the first year of university.

–  A personal article about having a nervous disposition.

– An article on the brand of Barbie challenging gender stereotypes.

A research-based opinion article on things males want people to know about sex.

– An article on the phrase “Man Up”.

  • Dementia Women.

An article about young carers and being one of the statistics. 

  • Headspace (University of Sunderland).

A blog post about my experiences with mental health issues.

  • Health and Social Care Academy.

– A post on my opinion of health and social care integration.

– A feature article talking about Mother’s Day. 

– An article on the impact of using “citizen voices”. 

– An article on social media and mental health.

  • Public Health England.

An article talking about my experiences as a carer.

  • Queens Nursing Institute.

– A blog about my caring responsibilities called “From Child to Carer”. 

– A blog on my experience of the Birmingham Carers Champions Day.

– A blog on my experience at the Carers Champions day in London.

  • Student Minds

– A blog post on being a carer and how it can affect your mental health.

– A blog post about mental health policy after the General Election 2015.

– A blog post about the definition of mindfulness. 

 – A blog post on how I manage my stress at university.

  • Time to Change.

A blog post about mental health problems and how they affect me at university.

A blog post on the small things that help me.

I have also done guest posts:

  • I’m Not Disordered.

A blog post on the stigma of having three mental health diagnosis’.

  • Moon Child.

A blog post on my view on Scottish Independence.

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