Second year stationery haul.

It’s that time of year again; the time where we flock to the stationery aisles and shops alike to pick up our shiny new stationery. The stationery we think we need, but that we really don’t. But new stationery has to be bought to feel like we’re ready to go back to university, right (or is that just me?). It’s just an urge, you find yourself drawn into notebooks, pens, pencils and the rest of it! So anyway, I’m heading back to university tomorrow to start the second year of my journalism course (eeek!) and I figured I want to be a lot more organised; stationery helps with that (or that’s what I keep telling myself!) It’s just all too exciting, so without further ado let’s get into the haul!

I got a bit happy in Ryman’s Stationery so we’ll start with that:


© Copyright of Sophie Dishman.

Ryman coloured ball pens – £1.99.

Index Cards – Coloured & Plain – £2.99 each.

Shorthand Pads (Pack of 3) – £2.99.

Ryman’s A5 lined notebook – £4.99.

Wall planner  – £4.99.

Uni-ball Pens – £7.49 (the ones linked are similar to mine).

Diary (2 days per page) – £7.99.

Next up we have Tiger (Flying Tiger Copenhagen); this shop is amazing!


© Copyright of Sophie Dishman.

A6 notebook – £1.00.

Index markers – £1.00.

Ball pens – £2.00.

HB pencils – £2.00.

Highlighters – £2.00.

Sticky memos – £2.o0.

I can’t find any of the products on the website (wah!).

I never thought to have a browse in TK Maxx for stationery but I’m so glad I went in because I got some brilliant pieces! Take a look!

Little black book – £2.99.

Memo block – £2.99.

Purse – £9.99.

Notebook and holder – £12.99.

Handbag – £29.99.

Wilkinson’s or Wilko’s is a shop I didn’t think to go to either – and when I did go I wish I’d gone there sooner because things are so much cheaper! 


© Copyright of Sophie Dishman.

Ruler – 25p.

Stickers – 50p.

Wilko’s Fineliners (Black) – £1.00.

Sharpener – £1.50.

Wilko’s Fineliners (Coloured) – £2.75.

Notebook – £2.50.

And finally last – but certainly not least – we have Sainsbury’s.


Diary (Day to View) – £6.00.

A voila. my second year stationery haul!

What have you bought for going back to school, college or university? Let me know in the comments section below or on my social media accounts.


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