Is wearing no makeup really that brave?


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Yeah, that’s me without any makeup. Am I proud of myself? Yes. Am I happy that I have the confidence to wear no makeup – albeit in the house? Yes. Am I brave? Well no, not really. I don’t see myself as brave even if I do step outside without makeup – mind you it would only be when I’m popping to the shop or going grocery shopping on a Sunday.

When people do go out without makeup they can be seen as brave.

But what makes us so brave? Think about that for a second or two.

Is it because people can go against the stereotypes and be happy in their own skin without cosmetics? Is it because of this that people look up to people who go out without makeup?

I’m really not sure. 

Bravery means to put up with something, to endure danger or pain, to show courage.

Are we really putting up with not wearing makeup – well no, because it’s a choice to not wear makeup.

We aren’t enduring danger or pain by not wearing it because we are going out with the knowledge that we aren’t wearing it in the first place.

It’s a choice – and we are accepting it and so many people can make the choice to wear no makeup on a daily basis.

Someone battling alopecia as a child, saving a dog from a burning building putting their life at risk, someone going in for an operation that they know is risky – they’re all situations where someone can be considered brave in my opinion.

So wearing no makeup isn’t really brave is it?

If we keep up this idea that people are brave for bearing all then aren’t we suggesting that they should be ashamed of their natural look? That covering it up makes them normal? To me that’s abnormal because we didn’t always have cosmetics to make us up. We didn’t always have to “put our face on” because we already have a face that’s beautiful – even if you think you don’t you do. Plus that phrase is derogatory in so many other ways – that’s another post in itself.

Why should we be praised for going without makeup? I’m comfortable in my own skin from time to time – and that’s not out of the ordinary as many people are too – and many are on a day-to-day basis. I’m happy to get groceries from my local supermarket without makeup, because really who cares? No-one cares really. People are busy getting their own shopping to realise that I don’t have any cosmetics on my face to cover up what I think are my imperfections.

The reason I choose to wear makeup is because of the industry I’m going into – what I look like matters because I have to be presentable. You could argue that as long as I dress well then I look presentable – I could go on and on – it’s just my choice, no reasons needed as I don’t need to explain myself to society.

We don’t need an applause for wearing no makeup – literally or metaphorically because I’m not the only one and neither is anyone else who doesn’t wear makeup all of the time.

A few weeks back I wrote a post on how I wasn’t comfortable without wearing makeup – but I had an epiphany and realised that I don’t need it. I didn’t need it in the first however many years of my life before I realised what makeup could do for me, so why should I say I need it now. Nothing’s changed really. I still have the same face. I’m not doing myself a disservice by not wearing makeup while going to the grocery shop in my opinion, but there comes a time when sometimes you feel you are because you aren’t wearing makeup in a place where society says you probably should. As always we can’t win either way, can we?

I wouldn’t put on a full face of makeup to sit in the house all day. Would you? Society says that if we can be seen we should wear makeup – well no! It’s not happening. I have so much more to offer than a bright red lip, a smoky eye and well-groomed brows. I am not just my appearance. I have a personality too.

I’m not saying makeup’s not great – if you feel you need it then you can wear it, of course. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Ultimately it’s not our fault that we feel comfortable with or without makeup, but to call us brave is a step too far. There’s a lot of brave men and women out there that have done far greater things.

Going out without makeup isn’t really that great in the grand scheme of things. Is it?


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