Instagram’s Runway for All campaign.

You may have heard of Instagram’s Runway for All campaign. If you haven’t then it’s highlighting diversity in the fashion industry and how the runway should and must be a platform for everyone. Everyone’s different and that’s what makes us all the same. Many of us can buy the same thing in a high street store or from a designer boutique – and we will look different. Not only because of the way we look, but the way we feel too.

But the runway is for everyone. It’s a place to showcase different designs so why can’t we show different shapes and sizes, disabilities, races and religions. I could go on and on. It would be nice to see some realism – and that’s what this new campaign is trying to do I hope.

We all have a unique story – how we were brought up, where we’ve been, where we hope we’re headed in life. We can highlight those stories too – because many people from all walks of life dream of being a model, but unfortunately many may feel they can’t get there – because of confidence, because of how they look (even though they’re beautiful inside and out) or for other reasons that should not get in the way.

It shouldn’t matter – because no-one is perfect and from what I’ve seen in this campaign so far that’s something that’s being advocated. We all want to see a reflection of ourselves looking back, even if it isn’t us – because then it pushes us to become someone else’s reflection, am I right?

As someone with mental health problems – I’d like to see people who are open about their mental health problems get into modelling, not just to raise awareness, but to feel that door is open for them regardless of being a medium whereby you can show what having mental health problems is really like.

I’m sure there are people from all walks of life who want to feel the same way – to feel the door is open for everyone.

Model is a visible industry so really I want to see everyone reflected.

But if professional modelling isn’t your thing – it’s certainly not mine – then think of life as your runway.

Everyone should be able to walk on their runway without being ashamed of who they are.

Everyone should be able to be proud of their identity – it’s what makes you, you.

Be your own model on your own runway – because life is for all.


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