7 apps I swear by.

There seems to be an app for a whole lot of things – from cooking and health, to music and everything in between. There’s so many apps to choose from that do the same thing too. I have so many apps on phone and some of them I definitely would not get rid of. Here’s 7 apps I swear by.

  1. Buffer. Buffer is a scheduling app that really helps on days when I’m busy at university. YES *news flash* I schedule some (not all) of my tweets during term time. Whilst it can be time-consuming to schedule tweets, it’s worth sitting down for an hour at night to schedule them. It’s definitely helped me stay active on Twitter.
  2. Pocket. Pocket is an app where you can save articles to read later. It’s a helpful app when I’m at university because it means I don’t forget about articles that I want to read. I’ve used it on many occasions since I found out about it, so it definitely helps me keep up to date with subjects I’m interested in. I use it in conjunction with my news apps and the dedicated news app on my phone.
  3. Mimi Music. Some of you may not know that I have sensitive ears. I can’t use small in ear headphones for very long so I use big over ear ones. On the occasions that I do use small headphones I like to use an app called Mimi Music. Listening to music too loudly can cause me to get earache, but I’ve found that this app helps with that. It uses your earprint to suit the music to your hearing at half the volume. It’s definitely helped me enjoy the practical element of listening to music!
  4. Noisli. There are times where I like to relax or times when I’m studying that I just want to listen to the sounds of nature instead of classical music. Living in the city means I hear cars a lot, so it’s always nice to get closer to nature with some background noise. This app really helps with that. I’m so glad I found it.
  5. CALM. The CALM app is just one of the many meditation and relaxation apps out there. I normally use the timed unguided meditation sessions when I meditate, but sometimes I’ll use the guided meditation sessions too especially around busy periods at university.
  6. H_ _R. This app was strange to me at first, but I’ve come to warm to it. It’s an app that filters the sounds around you. There are different settings – I tend to use super hearing and auto-volume. I’m yet to try the other five settings. I definitely use it at university when I’m in the news room with others.
  7. Canva. Having a design app on my phone really helps when I want to edit my CV on the go quickly. I use the desktop app of this version on a regular basis so having it on my phone means that once I get to a printer I have the most up to date version ready!

    What apps do you swear by? Let me know in the comments section below or on my social media accounts.


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