Dear Theresa May.

A short letter to the new Prime Minister Theresa May.

Dear Theresa May,

You’re the second woman to be Prime Minister following in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher. Of course, you already know this, but it’s a great achievement. You’ve shown that women can go on to hold leadership roles in Parliament. That’s something to admire.

Many have consistently called for more equality and diversity within politics and I hope that you can be the one to push for it. In your maiden speech you said union was important to you – indeed, it’s important to me despite some people viewing it as an idyllic and far-fetched concept. You also spoke about union between everyone – whoever you are and wherever you are from. Again, some people may see this as something we can’t aspire too – we can and I hope that you can prove it.

Too often we up here in the North East have felt left out and let down. It’s not easy up here. But I hope you can make it easier. It may all sound naive of me to other people – but I can only hope.

When it comes to opportunity we do our best in the North East. We really do. However, it’s a struggle. We dream up here in the North East, like everyone else – and we’re facing hardship, like everyone else. But for many London is world’s away. Some of us are happy here, others aren’t. It’s like that everywhere but we want the North/South divide to be narrowed.

The North East counts for something too. We’re an industrial region that’s proud of our shipbuilding, mining and other industrial trades of past years. We’re proud of the people from our region that have gone on to win gold medals or those who have created well-known businesses. Make us even more proud. Please.

As a Northerner, who’s at university and who has mental health problems, I ask you to help and listen. Listen to those students who are struggling with rent payments or those trying to get onto the housing ladder. Listen to those people who care for their families and friends and to those who need to be cared for around the clock.

I could go on and on.

Listen to everyonenot just the privileged few.




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