The NHS gave me life.

Sixty-eight years ago the NHS was born – more than 22 years ago, I was saved by the NHS.


© Copyright of Sophie Dishman.

I wasn’t breathing when I was born. I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and was blue. I was stillborn.

I was taken away to be resuscitated for 30 minutes and for those 30 minutes NHS doctors did CPR on my small chest to bring me back to life.

Now I’m now sitting here writing this.

If it wasn’t for those doctors I wouldn’t be here today.

The NHS gave me life.

From that moment onwards the NHS has helped me several times.

A doctor pulled a lego brick from my nose when I accidentally put it up there so I could speak to my grandma on the phone.

Doctors helped me when I fell from a tree and cracked my humerus bone – it definitely wasn’t funny for me but they eventually helped me see the funny side.

They’ve helped me countless times physically – but they’ve helped me mentally too.

An NHS nurse from my GP surgery at home listened to me while I explained my mental health symptoms on the phone.

She got me out of crisis.

The NHS has helped my family too – from helping my sister when she had febrile convulsions as a baby, to making sure my grandma recovered from her accident which injured her brain. There are countless examples.

The NHS has saved people’s lives, given people life or even helped them with the little things to get them back to health.

The NHS has also given people care when they are at the end of their life.

It’s a lifesaver.

It’s time we helped to save its life – we can!

Happy Birthday to the NHS.

What has the NHS done for you? Let me know in the comments or on my social media accounts.


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