My four fashion wishes.

Is it just me or does everyone have fashion wishes? You know when you walk into a store and wish they had something in your size or in a different colour – but it just doesn’t happen.

Well that happened to me on Tuesday. I found the most beautiful shoes and they didn’t fit – they were a size 3 and had the store stocked one size below I could have had those beautiful shoes on my feet – but alas it was not meant to be.

This got me thinking what fashion wishes do I have?

Here’s mine: 

  1. Shops selling shoes in size 2. I have petite feet and not every size 3 shoe fits me. It would be nice if they could do petite shoe sizes like they do for people who wear petite clothes – like me! It’d been a petite treat then! My feet always get caught on the band too and I end up with the most horrible blisters.
  2. Doing small watch sizes. As well as having small feet, I also have small wrists which means finding watches and other wrist wear really difficult. It’s a faff on getting links taken out so it would be easier if shops had small watch sizes.
  3. Doing jeans that are smaller on the leg and petite on the waist. Yes most of this is about me being small. What I really want is to be able to wear jeans without having to roll them up. Because I have to roll my jeans up I have to stick to skinny or straight jeans. Oh how a girl would love to wear flairs or ankle grazers. It would be great to have jeans that have a petite waist too!
  4. Coat lengths to be a little shorter on long coats. Now coats are another problem for me. They have to be the correct length – not too long but obviously not too short either. I bought a Mac coat and haven’t worn it a lot simply because it’s just that little bit too big. It’s too long and isn’t as tailored as I’d like. I bought it because I needed a lightweight coat but it would be great to have coats that were a little smaller for petite women.

I’m not complaining about what’s already on offer in stores of course. I get by without these things – but it would be nice.

What are your fashion wishes? Let me know in the comments section below or on my social media accounts.YPE

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