Turning career wishes into action.

“I wish. I wish. I wish.” Something we all muttered or maybe even shouted about. We wished this and we wished that. Childhood was all about wishful thinking and now some of us have brought it into our adult life. But now we know that in order to get something we have to work for it. Wishing just isn’t and never will be enough – for the little things or the big things we want in life.

Many of us have to work for what we want – of course.

But how do you turn your wishful thinking into action? Here’s my four tips.

  1. Give your wishful thinking some meaning. Think about why you want something so much that you’re wishing about it. If it’s really strong then you’ll motivate yourself to take action.
  2. Make a plan – Take it slow at first and make a plan. They’re something I use all of the time. Plans don’t always go to plan of course, but having a plan there gives you some structure. Being methodical in your approach gives you a clearer outlook so you’ll know where you are going.
  3. Think short, medium and long term – Some things won’t always come straight away. Some take that little bit longer to achieve – and that’s okay. If you’re looking at a bigger goal then it’s best to think small and then work your way up. That way you’ll feel better as you achieve the steps. Every step you make and tick off will give you a sense of satisfaction and you’ll praise yourself more. Self-appraisal is important! It’s that “one step closer” feeling that you get that’s the best part about thinking small to get somewhere big!
  4. Don’t rush. There are so many sayings that can be attributed to this but really don’t rush. Take your time before taking action. Be clear about what you’re doing by using your plan and take it one step at a time. What can you do now to get you towards your eventual goal?

    What other tips can you suggest to turn your career wishes into action? 


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  1. Another good tip would be to research your career wishes. If you want to have a small business, research any documentation you have to submit for example.

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