Friend today but not tomorrow.

The EU referendum has been and gone, but it’s left a lasting impression and has affected the country – but it may have also affected friendships. Some people voted in, some people voted out and some people didn’t vote. Simple. But what’s struck me is the impact it’s had on people’s personal lives.

People have different political opinions. There are people who support the Conservative Government, there are people who support Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, UKIP and other political parties. And that’s okay. It happens.

But when it came down to the referendum something felt different afterwards.

The country is now clearly divided.

It’s obvious that there would be disagreement but I didn’t think it would seep into friendships. It may have been a flick of a switch for some after finding out how their friends voted. I voted one way and I have friends who voted the other way – and that’s fine with me. Everyone has different opinions as I said above.

These opinions may be based on informed decisions based on information, on a person’s experiences or on how they feel. People form their opinions in different ways and make their decisions differently – again that’s okay. It happens every day – but again the EU referendum was different. It was a very difficult decision for some – like me – for others it was easy and their minds were made up quickly. Again, everyone’s different.

I respect everyone’s decision in the referendum because it’s an individual vote that amasses into a national vote overall. The decision that was made may not be what you wanted, but that’s democracy and that’s what people in the UK wanted – to leave the EU. And I’m okay with that.

Everyone’s different – it shouldn’t be friend today, but not tomorrow because of one decision.


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