My Global placement: post placement thoughts.

I’ve completed my placement at Global – that’s Smooth, Capital and Heart – as I’ve gotten used to saying. I did a few things with LBC as well as they’re under the Global name too. Anyway, in case you didn’t know I was working with Global for the EU referendum that has just passed.

You may have seen my pre-placement thoughts – if you haven’t you can see them in this post, but in short I was really looking forward to it.

I started my placement at 2pm on the day of the referendum. I’d been at Spark doing the breakfast news before heading off to start my EU referendum coverage with them. I was pretty excited heading up on the train and also a little nervous. I had some idea of what I was doing so I didn’t go into the placement not knowing anything.

When I arrived I got straight to work. My task for Thursday afternoon was to arrange interviews for Friday with organisations and politicians to get their reaction on the result. This was so one of my colleagues (who works with me at Spark) could conduct the interviews on the Friday morning and afternoon.

Before my placement I was alright when speaking on the phone, but now I feel confident calling people up and asking for interviews and getting comments. It’s really not that bad now I’ve done it.

At 5pm I headed home to get a little bit of sleep before I headed to the Sunderland count.


If I could sum the count up in one word it would be – wow. 

Going to the Sunderland count was “wow” for so many reasons.

I got to be a reporter with Global meaning I got to be on the “floor” of the count and represent Global.


© Photo copyright of Sophie Dishman.

I was able to interview quite a few people – mainly MPs and got to immerse myself with other journalists including people from the BBC, Sky, ITV and some national and local papers.

I also got to sit beside someone from the Press Association which was an amazing experience.

It was great to see journalists in a competitive environment but here’s the thing everyone was working together! It didn’t feel competitive at all!

I also got to experience what it’s like at an overnight count.

When I covered the local elections I was in Gateshead and did an afternoon shift. But with Global I did an overnight shift. I was there from 10pm on Thursday till 7am on Friday – it was a long but exciting shift and something I’d definitely do again.


Heading to the count at 10pm on Thursday. © Copyright of Sophie Dishman.

I headed home at 7am for a well needed rest. I must admit it was weird heading into the Silksworth Leisure Centre when it was light on Thursday night and heading out again on Friday morning when it was light – again.

I can’t thank Global enough for my experience – it was only a short time but I learnt so much about myself and about journalism.

Now comes the news that I’ve been offered to come back to Global to do a week’s placement with them sometime in the future.

I’m looking forward to getting my feedback tomorrow too.

Also, a big thank you to Sunderland Futures for giving me the opportunity!

But all in all, this experience was life-changing.


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