Define your own success.

Everyone has a different definition of success, for some success may not exist as they may feel they can do better, for others success isn’t a big or fancy thing – they may find it day-to-day. But sometimes we can look at others and back to ourselves and think that we aren’t successful.

We idolise other people and wish we were them. When I was younger I would sit and watch other people and their success, whether it was to do with education or social life. I would look and them and think I wanted to be them. I really wanted to have what they had. I couldn’t see any way around it. I was stuck with what I had.

Then my thoughts moved on and I realised that I could still be me – I just needed to do something about it. I could still idolise people and use their successes to help me get there. I didn’t want to be them anymore, I wanted to experience what they did. And I would get there by doing the right things. I would act upon it and get what I wanted – and what they had.

Step forward and now I’ve come to realise that I was still looking at others to define what I thought was successful. I wasn’t looking at what I thought was successful, I was looking at what the world saw as successful. What success looked like had been ingrained into me – it wasn’t my success, it was the projected view of success – what society deemed as successful.

Success is relative. It is related to your upbringing, your experiences and so many other factors. My success is different to your success – and that’s okay. I don’t look at people anymore and wish I was them, I don’t really idolise anyone anymore either. I’m still inspired by people – but I don’t want to be them. I’m happy being me.

I now think about what I want day-to-day. There are day-to-day successes for me. It isn’t always a big thing to work your way up to. It’s not something that once you reach you’ll stop. It keeps going – at least that’s what I think.

Success of course can be an end goal – but you may want to move forward and continue with more success. Success that you determine and define.

If it’s a victory to you, then that’s your success – as it’s through your actions. Sometimes others may help along the way but it’s your success overall. You did it.

Define your own success – don’t use others successes as a judging point.


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  1. GirlMasked · · Reply

    Excellent post, I like it. It’s really insightful and relatable 🙂


    1. I really appreciate your comment, thank you.


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