Have you ever really thought why?

We all get asked questions such as “what’s your favourite colour?” or “what’s your favourite animal?” – it may be on a date, in an interview or getting to know someone as a friend. I can answer these questions quickly as I’ve been asked them hundreds of times – but do we ever stop to think why?

As a journalism student I often think why a lot. Why has this happened? Why does this person feel this way? Why am I doing things the way I am? I’m also a naturally inquisitive person. Throughout the past year I’ve definitely become more mindful of the why’s. Why? Because it’s important to reflect. What if someone asks you the why one day?

So, my favourite colour is green. Why? I don’t think I’ve been asked why from what I can remember. But I like the colour green because it reminds me of freedom and being connected to the world at the same time. The colour green is a colour which centres me. It makes me calm and feel tranquil – something which really helps with my anxiety actually.

What’s your favourite colour? Why?

I also mentioned the question what is your favourite animal?

Have you ever thought why that animal is your favourite?

Another fact about me – my favourite animal is a dog. I’ve grown up with dogs so it’s natural for me to love them. Simple.

Now what’s your favourite animal? Why? 

There are deeper questions than this of course, but if you think or say why then it could help you.

Thinking why has helped me become more aware of myself, my experiences and how I feel about things. I’m more mindful which will benefit me both personally and professionally.

Next time someone asks you a question similar to these ones think why or if you feel comfortable and if they ask why, tell them.


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  1. This is so true! It’s always great to question why to better understand yourself.

    Single Vegas Girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree with you.


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