#MakeMayPurple OOTD.

This month is all about making May purple. Why? It’s because May is the month where the Stroke Association raise awareness of strokes – what they are, what to do if someone has one and why it’s important to raise awareness and support people who have strokes and so much more! So since May is coming to a close I thought I’d share my favourite Make May Purple outfit of the day (OOTD).


© Sophie Dishman. 

This is my favourite Make May Purple outfit because it’s:

  • Comfortable – surprisingly the heels are comfy.
  • Out of my comfort zone – I’m showing all of my arms!
  • It’s a very summery and dressed up outfit but it can be worn at night too.

© Sophie Dishman.

The crossover top is from the brand Atmosphere at Primark. It’s elasticated at the bottom to give the “poof” effect as I like to call it. I’m not really a big fan of spaghetti straps or tops without sleeves as I don’t like my arms but this top makes me feel confident! The lilac is the perfect pastel colour for the summer for my skin tone I think. It doesn’t wash me out and it’s not too bright either!

I got it last year so I can’t remember the price unfortunately. I’m sure there’ll be something similar this year or in other stores.

My jeans are from the “skinny” jean range at New Look. I was a bit apprehensive over these at first as they aren’t that tight but they are still really comfortable and flattering. They are quite thick too so they keep me warm if needed!

As with all of my jeans I have to roll them up as you’ll see below!


© Sophie Dishman.

Finally my shoes! These are my favourite part of the outfit. I bought these shoes from Dorothy Perkins a few years ago – so again I can’t remember how much they were! (I’m sorry). They have a slight print on them to add texture to an outfit.

And voila – my Make May Purple outfit of the day.


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