The link between epilepsy and me.

I don’t have epilepsy, I’ll clear that up now. But I have two family members that have had seizures in the past.

My sister had febrile seizures when she was younger. They are also known as febrile convulsions. I wasn’t very old then but I remember my mum saying my sister was “blue.” She’d swallowed her own tongue too and she had a fever. Everything else was a blur. I wouldn’t have been any older than 7 at this point.

Sometimes her lips go blue when she’s cold so it’s something we have to watch out for.

My grandma has epilepsy. She has tonic-clonic seizures meaning she drops to the floor and her whole body shakes. Sometimes people can tell when she’ll have a seizure, most times I couldn’t tell. But it was a scary thing to see for the first time. I can’t remember how old I was but I remember being at my GP surgery back home. There was a beep and then all of a sudden my Grandma was unresponsive, unconscious and having a seizure.

Again, it was all a blur. I’d never seen it happen to her before and I was scared.

Me and my sister were taken to someone’s house for a while and then dropped back off when my grandma was better.

Over the years I saw my grandma have a more seizures and as I got older I started helping when she needed to be put into the recovery position. I’d put the pillows under her head so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

She doesn’t remember any of her seizures once she’s had them and may find it difficult to remember what she was doing before. Once she’s woken up from her seizure she’s fine.

There are medications to manage epilepsy and I studied some of them when I did my health and social care course. In fact I did a project on epilepsy once!

I’ve decided to share my story of my experience of epilepsy as it’s Epilepsy Awareness Week.

It’s time to raise more awareness of epilepsy.


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