My #RelationshipsResolution for Mental Health Awareness Week.

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is focused on relationships. Having good relationships is a key part of recovering from mental health problems in my experience. When I was first diagnosed I lost some of my friendships and it affected many of my relationships with family and my partner.

This means that I’m in support of promoting good relationships and tackling the barriers that may be in place when a person has a mental health problem. It’s about talking, listening and understanding – that way good relationships can be made and maintained and existing relationships can be fostered and remain throughout the process of recovery.

But what is a relationships resolution?

The Mental Health Foundation are calling on people to make a pledge to improve their relationships. Maybe you could listen to friends and family more. Maybe you could open up about your own mental health and how you really feel. Maybe you could do something to benefit your mental health. It’s up to you.

My relationships resolution is…

a journalism students-133.jpg

I don’t talk openly enough about my obsessive thoughts and my anxious feelings and why I feel the way I do on a certain day. I say I have a niggle in my stomach. I’d like to be more open with them.

Now go and make yourself a relationship resolution!

You can do so here or on Twitter using the hashtag #RelationshipResolution.


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