Charity Tuesday: My Big Thank You!

It’s Charity Tuesday and since it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Epilepsy Awareness Week and Dementia Awareness Week, I wanted to give nine charities the spotlight. It’s a way for me to say thank you. I’ve thanked many of the charities who’ve helped me with my mental health already on Twitter. I’d like to point out that because of their actions I now volunteer and do work with some of the charities listed below. I have not been sponsored to do this, it’s from my own personal experience.

Alzheimers Society.

Having a family member who has dementia is difficult and the grieving process can start much earlier. The Alzheimer’s Society puts so much work into minimising the stigma. People with dementia aren’t scary. My Grandad is still my grandad – he just has dementia. The charity provides some great tips for dealing with the feelings associated with having a loved one with dementia. I can’t thank them enough for helping me through the tough times.

Anxiety UK.

One of my biggest personal thank you’s goes to Anxiety UK. I phoned up their helpline several times when I was in crisis – the person at the end of the phone always answered and was understanding. I phoned them A LOT and the professionalism remained. The very last phone call was the lifesaver that got me out of crisis and back on the road to the straight and narrow. I don’t know who was at the end of the phone that day but without this charity I wouldn’t have gotten out of crisis and life would have been very different for me. Thank you.

Asthma UK.

I have asthma and I remember when I was first diagnosed that Asthma UK tweeted me signposting me to their help page. I wasn’t expecting it but it really helped me understand. I found out my triggers much easier and from then on have been able to manage my asthma really well. Their information is great too and I’ve used it on several occasions! Thank you.

Dementia Friends.

I’m a dementia friend and have been for a while. Without this organisation I wouldn’t have felt confident enough to speak about how dementia affects a family. There’s no other words I can say but thank you. 

OCD Youth.

As many of you know I have OCD. OCD Youth help people like me come to terms with their OCD and help support and guide people on their recovery journey. They’ve been a silent helper but they’ve helped me through the times when my OCD tendencies are strong and when I’ve needed that extra push. Thank you. 

Student Minds.

This mental health organisation helps students who have mental health problems. They constantly raise awareness of mental health – how to have good mental health and what to do when your mental health isn’t so good. I blog for them occasionally and their posts are always really helpful to me. I read them before I started contributing so I’ve been on both sides! They’ve also been a silent helper to me. Thank you.

Time to Change.

They are challenging the stigma – and helping me do it too. That’s all I need to say. Thank you.

Young Epilepsy.

Seeing loved ones have a seizure is not an easy thing to see. You feel helpless. Young Epilepsy have helped me understand. They answered questions I never wanted to ask out loud. Thank you.


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