10 reasons why I loved reporting on the local elections.

Last week I covered the local elections in Gateshead as well as the police and crime commissioner elections. I also helped out at my university when the other reporters were covering the other areas in the North East. It was an amazing time and that’s why I wanted to reflect. Here’s 10 reasons why I loved reporting on the local elections.

  1. There was a buzz about being up for over 22 hours. I was awake from 5am on Thursday till 3am on Friday and it was worth it! I had a lot of adrenaline – and it was difficult to get rid of. It eventually went away after I finished covering the Gateshead and police and crime commissioner elections at 4pm on Friday. I had four hours sleep in-between these two events but I still had the buzz when I woke up.
  2. It made me more aware of public affairs and the law surrounding politics. I don’t learn public affairs or media law till next year and I don’t learn about the OFCOM broadcasting code at all unless I study it myself. I feel that I got a good grounding just from covering the local elections as I had to constantly think!
  3. I reported on something I was passionate about. You know I’m passionate about politics so I needn’t say any more.
  4. I got to experience multimedia at a fast pace. On Thursday night and into Friday morning I was responsible for getting the information out onto Twitter. I had to find out who had been elected and get it out at a very fast pace.
  5. I thrived on the competitiveness. Last year when I did my social work degree I hated competition – there shouldn’t have been any really. Now I thrive on competition and did so during the local election period. I can’t put into words what it was like!
  6. I got to work with an amazing team. The university did a lot of work during the elections – from radio to video and social media and everything in between. It was an amazing thing to be a part of and I was genuinely proud of everyone for their efforts. We supported everyone through their “tired stage” and it was all worth it!
  7. I got to experience different areas of journalism coming together to meet one goal – great election coverage that was accurate. We stuck to our roles but helped  each other too. There were people working on our live blog, I was on social media (Twitter), there was someone else doing Facebook posts and then we had people on the radio and checking Twitter for the results etc. There wasn’t many of us but we did it!
  8. I felt at home with journalism. I’ve said this before but I truly felt at home when I was covering the local elections. I felt like I belonged in the roles I was doing. I had to do a lot – but I did it!
  9. I reacted well under pressure. Having anxiety sometimes makes me quite nervous when I’m under pressure, but I didn’t feel one bout of anxiety throughout the election period. I felt sure and comfortable. It was probably the best part of it for me.
  10. It helped me decide that I am definitely interested in being a political reporter. I can’t describe how much I loved reporting on the elections. The culmination of everything just made me think “this is it.”

    Have you been to an event recently? What did you love about it? Let me know in the comments section below or on my social media accounts.


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