Seven top tips for using Facebook as a journalism student.

I started using Facebook professionally a number of years ago, but since September I’ve used Facebook in a stricter way. As a journalism student I frequently use Facebook in many different ways. Here are seven top tips for using Facebook as a journalism student.

  1. Get added to local and community groups. Local and community groups in your patch can be an additional source of news. Is something bothering residents? Are residents speaking about a strong issue? Why? Go and talk to them about it! It’s another place where you can get information too.
  2. Document your successes in your career. It may seem narcissistic but I use my Facebook to document my successes. I use it as an additional portfolio. There’s no harm in it as it means potential employers can see good things when they look at my Facebook. They see me professionally, not personally.
  3. Contact sources. You can use your Facebook to contact sources. I have done so on a number of occasions if I have been unable to contact them any other way. It’s definitely helped with getting interviews and quotes.
  4. Get opinions. I always ask people for opinions on my Facebook. What do you think of this? Do you agree with that? It’s a great way to get a mix of opinions – sometimes. I have a lot of students as friends so if I want to know their opinion on a student issue then it’s pretty easy. For other things it’s not so easy but it’s still a great way to use Facebook.
  5. Publicise your own blog. Self-promotion is a much needed thing in the journalism world as there are a lot of journalism students out there! Use your Facebook to publicise your own blog – it can drive traffic to it and you never know who may read it.
  6. Like the pages of local, national and international groups and charities etc. Not only can you get stories from this, you can also have quick access to sources too! They can become contacts which  is important in the journalism arena.
  7. Keep up to date with publications and broadcasters. This is a MUST. You need to know what’s happening in the world and what other people are reporting on. It’s simple really.

    How do you use Facebook as a journalism student? Let me know in the comments section below or on my social media accounts.


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