What to wear for an interview.

Soon – as soon as next Friday – I’ll be going to interviews for my journalism placement and internship opportunities. It’s a scary thought as there’s so many articles out there detailing what you should and shouldn’t wear – it’s all a bit too confusing. So I decided to do a post of my own to help you out – these are tips but I’m happy to add a picture look book to this post at a later date if needed!

  1. Be comfortableNo-one wants a scratchy top or a skirt that keeps riding up. You need to feel comfortable in what you wear. If you prefer a trouser suit then go ahead. If you’re more of a dress or skirt person then wear it. It’s important that you feel comfortable so you won’t be thinking of the problems with your outfit when you go into the interview room.
  2. Wear something you feel confident in. Have you got a dress that makes you feel confident? Or a shirt and trousers combo that makes you burst with enthusiasm? Pick that! Confidence is key when going for an interview and if your outfit can help you with your confidence then wear something that makes you feel great!
  3. Be smart. Looking smart is key for any interview. You may be doing a placement or internship or even going for a job in a place that has a casual dress code. It doesn’t mean that you can turn up in jeans and trainers for an interview. Wearing something smart will not go a miss!
  4. Get your own sense of style in there! You want your outfit to give out the right impression but you want to add a touch of “you” in there. If you have a favourite colour or enjoy wearing patterns then do it. Don’t go too in your face though. Maybe wear a patterned top or shoes with some plain trousers or choose a dress with a subtle pattern. Choose an outfit that reflects you!
  5. Don’t wear shoes that are uncomfortable or one’s that can’t walk in. It’s simple – it may give off the wrong impression. If you are more comfortable in flat shoes then that’s fine! But if you are comfortable in heels don’t go too high. I wouldn’t go anything above 3 inches. Anything higher and you may get sore feet – and no-one wants that!
  6. Choose accessories carefully. Accessories are a great addition to an outfit to finish it off but don’t go overboard. Wear simple accessories such as a watch and some earrings or a necklace and a bracelet. Don’t go too bold and don’t wear too much accessories. The right bag is great too as well as what you put in it. Choose things that show off your style but keep it minimal as you don’t want over do it!
  7. Keep your makeup and hair simple. Interviewers will undoubtedly look at how you look and will not only look at your outfit but they’ll look at your hair and makeup too. Simple and sophisticated is the key here. I wouldn’t wear a bold lipstick to an interview, I’d focus more on my eyes and I’ll be putting my hair up instead of down. It’s my personal preference, but don’t go too bold!

    Do you have any tips on what to wear for an interview? Let me know in the comments section or on my social media accounts.


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