How I organise my wardrobe.


© Sophie Dishman.

  1. I organise my clothes from body suits, to dungarees, jumpsuits and dresses (by length), tops by sleeve length, jackets and then coats. This makes it much simpler than having to search my wardrobe endlessly for something I want.
  2. I organise my shoes from ones I’m most likely to wear to least likely. The shoes I’m definitely going to wear in the summer are at the front, while the ones I may wear are at the back. I don’t have all of my summer shoes in my wardrobe though. My trainers are on a shoe rack along with other summer shoes I can wear.
  3. I have a miscellaneous pile on the top section of my wardrobe. This is where my printed tops and other miscellaneous items are. These are the items I’ll wear if I’m popping to the shop for something or having a “lazy day.”
  4. I also sort out my skirts, jeans and trousers into lengths and styles. (Apologies for the state of that part of my wardrobe!). Again this makes it easier for me to find things that I need quickly.
  5. At the back of the top section I have tights and leggings. If I want these quickly I can get them, but they are out of sight. After all, it makes my wardrobe look neater!

And that’s it! The short, simple and sweet way of how I organise my wardrobe.

How do you organise your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments section or on my social media accounts!


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  1. Definitely going to try this system – my wardrobe is always left even more of a mess after I search through it!

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    1. It works so well for me!

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