Top 10 political people and organisations to follow on Twitter.

I must admit writers block got the best of me so I thought I’d do a listical of the top 10 political people to follow on Twitter. I follow lots of political people – from journalists, to bloggers, and of course, politicians. I also follow organisations too. As part of my course, I have to be politically aware, but you know me by now – I love politics. Here I share my opinion on the top 10 political people and organisations to follow on Twitter.

  1. Your local MP. I follow all of the MPs where I live. Why? I do it in order for me to stay engaged with local politics. Of course, politics is my passion – and that includes local politics too. I can keep up to date with how they are engaging with the community, which is important!
  2. Local councillors. Your local councillors are as integral to the local politics of where you live. They sit on the council. There are multiple councillors where I live and it’s great to see what they are doing for each ward in the city.
  3. The Prime Minister. It’s a simple reason for me really as I’m a journalism student and ideally I want to be a political reporter. Aside from this, the PM is a big part of the political arena, so is a handy person to follow!
  4. The leaders of the political parties – even the non-mainstream ones. Again, it’s an obvious reason for me personally as I said above. But again it can increase your political know how. It’s certainly helped me understand what parties think on different issues.
  5. Members of government who work in your interest areas. There are many different committees within Government and many MPs work on them. It’s a great idea to follow these people because you’ll get more information on areas that interest you and you’ll be able to get to know other MPs that aren’t necessarily local to you.
  6. The Government departments. Have a specialist interest? Home affairs? Foreign affairs? Health? Education? There are many departments you can follow if you have an area you are interested in. Personally I follow the ones I’ve found due to the nature of my degree and future career.
  7. The UK Parliament. The UK Parliament has it’s own Twitter which shares information from across Parliament including the House of Lords and the House of Commons – which brings me onto my next point.
  8. The House of Commons and The House of Lords. When I can I watch a debate live in Parliament but sometimes that’s not possible as I’m in lectures at university so these accounts remind me to watch them later. It also lets me keep up to date with parliamentary debates. If something interests you in politics then these are great accounts to follow.
  9. Russell Brand. While Russell is not a politician, I feel he explains politics in a way I understand so he’s worth a follow. He regularly posts about his Youtube channel The Trews (which are interesting videos to watch).
  10. Abby Tomlinson. Abby was the founder of the Milfandom, although that’s not the reason to follow her. She’s a very knowledgeable person when it comes to politics and helps me from time to time!

    Who do you recommend I follow on Twitter in the political arena?

Let me know in the comments section or on my social media accounts.


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