Where do I get my style inspiration?

Style inspiration can come from so many places – from the media, to family and everything else in between. There’s trends and seasons and while they may inspire your style, there are other factors that influence my style on a personal level. Style is not something I’ve always had – nor have I always wanted to “have style,” but it’s something that I’ve come to enjoy through being inspired.

Here’s where I get my style inspiration!

Magazines and newspapers.

Being a journalism student I’m always reading magazines and newspapers. After reading the news and the features, I always read the fashion pages. Obviously, if it’s a fashion magazine I’m reading then I take a mental note of what I like and what’s on trend. I have taken clippings (ripped magazines and newspapers) in the past just for style inspiration.


I have a dedicated Pinterest board just for fashion – you can view it here. I often find myself  scrolling endlessly through Pinterest to find style inspiration – and I’ve found that I’m never disappointed. It’s a great way to collate my style inspiration together so if I’m staring at my wardrobe for too long then I can take a flick through Pinterest and find something similar.

Youtube, blogs and Instagram

Look books on Youtube and blogs are an amazing source of style inspiration for me. In my post last week I listed my fifteen favourite fashion blogs. I get my style inspiration from all of these blogs and more. Some of my favourite look books are on Youtube – Sammi Maria’s look books always give me style inspiration one way or another, In The Frow’s look books have the same effect – high end or not I always get some inspiration. And of course, Instagram is full of style inspiration too!

Primania by PrimarkDaily New Look by New Look or any other trend/get the look parts of a fashion website.

I’ve found that sometimes I also go to these sections of websites when I’m not feeling up to searching. I find that I want to spend money after visiting these sections, but I don’t give in. I’m a big fan of Primark (other clothing brands are available, of course) and New Look so I tend to visit these sites the most. TopshopRiver Island and other high street brands have them too.

Fashion adverts.

Fashion adverts still have their effect on me. I like to look at what outfits they’ve put together and try and find similar outfits in my wardrobe. I like to experiment so adverts are another avenue for me I can turn to, to find style inspiration.

Street style.

The last place that I look for style inspiration is on the street. Looking around there are many styles and I take inspiration from there. It’s pretty simple really – no explanation needed for this one!

And voila!


Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Let me know in the comments section or on my social media accounts.


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