Fifteen Favourites: fashion blogs.

Today I thought I’d share the love and share fifteen of my favourite fashion blogs. These are not in order but I love them for different reasons – and I’ll explain why below.

So here goes:

  1. Phases of Robyn. I first found Robyn’s blog when I was in a WhatsApp group with her. As soon as I clicked I was hooked. Robyn styles her outfits so well and she’s a newbie to the blogging scene too – she’s amazing at it! She definitely is one of my fashion inspirations! 
  2. EJ Style. You know you can be on top of trends when you follow EJ Style, in my opinion. She’s trendy, even though some of her outfits are high end. It’s nice to see what she comes up with – but that’s just a bit of the excitement.
  3. We Are Twinset. Sarah and Phillipa’s fashion is a-mazing! It’s great to see their outfit posts and how they style the trends of the season. The white shirt post is one of my favourites. Love, love, love the blog!
  4. Fashion Me NowAnother fashion blog that I go to for my style inspiration. It isn’t all about Instagram these days! I don’t need to say anymore!
  5. Retro Flame. Erika’s fashion tips and rules posts are where I go for advice. Want to know how to style knitwear for spring or what essentials you should have for winter? Well Retro Flame has you covered. The fashion part of her website is brilliant for style inspiration too! 
  6. Samantha Maria OfficialSammy’s website – and fashion is just the goal. I often watch her look book videos on her Youtube channel, but her website is a great source of seeing what’s what in Sammi’s world of fashion. I just love it! 
  7. In The Frow. Victoria’s fashion is amazing – mostly high-end but it doesn’t put a barrier in between me wanting fashion inspiration. Her wardrobe is amazing and her website is so handy for when you are stuck on what to wear for an occasion!
  8. Petite Side Of Style. Being petite it’s often difficult to find clothes that fit perfectly. But after a visit to the Petite Side of Style, my lack of self-confidence ebbs away. I love this website for fashion inspiration too!
  9. Bomb PetiteThis is another blog I go to for advice! I love her fashion news posts too as they are really informative! Nuff-said.
  10. Elegantly FashionableYet another blog I go to for advice. It’s simple to follow and I feel loads better after reading her posts!
  11. Stylapetite. I wish she wrote more blog posts because her writing style is brilliant! I especially love her post on how to style a long coat if you are petite. Love love love this blog!
  12. Ella La Petite Anglaise. One of my favourite fashion bloggers. Her look book posts are simple and stunning. It’s simply – What? Where? Then lots of photos so it’s a quick read when I’m getting ready in the morning!
  13. Beatles and BeehivesIf you love vintage then you’ll love this blog. I’ve been reading it since I met Alysha in September and I love it. I’d never have the guts to try vintage but I love reading Alysha’s posts and seeing her style!
  14. Salt And Chic. A fellow North-Easterner! That’s not the only reason I love Salt and Chic though. Again, I love her look books as they give me style inspiration. I love her style and the way she does her photos too! Her Instagram is amazing too!
  15. What Laura Loves. My hairdresser recommended I read her blog – and she wasn’t wrong. Laura gives me so much confidence as she pulls off all of her outfits!

    Can you recommend any fashion bloggers? High street? Petite fashion? Who are your favourites? 

Let me know in the comments section below or on my social media accounts!


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    1. Thank you! Sure! 😀


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