Five things the student lifestyle teaches you.

The student lifestyle can teach you a lot about yourself and your life. It has certainly helped me learn a lot. So if you are a current student or an applicant to university or maybe even a graduate reflecting back then here’s ten things the student lifestyle teaches you:

  1. Use an alarm. It doesn’t go for everyone, but the student lifestyle can get a bit hectic. There may be nights out and all nighters doing assignments and revision. Sleeping in may happen to some students too, but regardless it is best to use an alarm.
  2. Get creative with breakfast, lunch and tea. Having a student loan does take some getting used to. There may be times where you’ll have to get creative with breakfast (if you want it!), lunch and tea. Think Iron Bru spaghetti bolognese.
  3. Prioritise. Priority is the number one thing the student lifestyle has taught me. There’s time for study, there’s time for extra-curricular and there’s time for socialising and relaxing. You also need to fit eating and sleeping etc in there too! It’s so important to prioritise as it can lead to stress – and no-one wants that. This leads me onto the next thing…
  4. Balance. Balance is similar to prioritising but you need to have a balance between work and life. You need to take time for working as well as taking time out to socialise and relax. Clubs and societies are a great way to destress, but if that’s not what you’re into then going for a meal, watching a film (or Netflix) or doing anything that keeps you relaxed is great!
  5. Be open-minded. Open-minded is a great thing too because sometimes you’ll have to switch things around and think differently. Problem solving is a skill that you may learn well as a student as well as time-management.

    What have you learnt from the student lifestyle? Let me know in the comments section below or on my social media accounts.


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  1. All very great and true lesson! A friend of mine learned to live on the bare minimum when waiting for her latest loan, it’s amazing when £10 lasts you 7 days and a night out!
    But for me, it was definitely the fact that turning up to lectures in a onesie was acceptable along with the same for the all nighters in the library!


    1. Everyone learns something different whilst being a student and experiencing the student lifestyle!

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