Being fit and fashionable.

Fitness and fashion is something that has mixed together quite beautifully. When we exercise we want to not only feel good. We want to look good too. For World Yoga Day last month, I wrote a blog post for Fashion North. Note that this article was originally posted on Fashion North (see link above).

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, contrary to many people’s belief. It isn’t just a science, but rather a philosophy, similar to meditation. It’s gained popularity during the past few decades, with many now considering themselves yogi’s (practitioners of yoga).

But why has it become so popular?

The first reason is because it has become commercialised: yoga is everywhere and you can do it anywhere. In the gym, at work or in the comfort of your own home. There’s apps, books and videos on YouTube and on old fashioned DVD’s, so it’s hard to get away from.

It also lets us take time for ourselves. We all live in a fast-paced world, where we hardly ever stop and have some “me” time. Yoga offers people that. We are focusing on ourselves and we don’t feel selfish when we do yoga.

A final reason is that it’s a healthy hobby – it is exercise after all. It has benefits for the mind and body and we’ve bought into it – literally!

So, if you want to turn your yoga workout into a fashion parade then here’s some fashion picks for you yogi’s!


Made on Polyvore.

If you want to stretch your budget, you can go high-end, but you may be on a budget too. Here’s the yoga essentials, apart from a mat, of course!

A stretchy, light t-shirt is a must-have for yoga. You’ll work up a sweat, so it’s great to have something lightweight and breathable. Why not try something simple like this from Nike or if you want to find the key to your fashion heaven, try this keyhole tank top from Adidas. Remember, Primark and other clothing stores have their own brand of fitness. Looking great doesn’t have to cost lots!

The next item of clothing on the list should be pants or shorts – whichever you prefer. You can go patterned or plain, long or short, it’s entirely your choice. You may want to go with something bright and colourful like these or these. Or, you may want to keep it plain and simple with yoga tights, like these, also from H&M.

You have your top and bottoms sorted, now for a sports bra. A good, supportive sports bra is essential. Again, you can go for plain or all-out with a different look. Go geometricbright or double up and get a 2 for 1 – a top and a sports bra in one.

Socks are an optional, but you can get those from anywhere, as with sports bags too. You need something to carry your clothes in, if you are using the gym for your yoga lessons.

Now you’ll be fashionable and fit in no time!

Do you like to be fashionable when you work out? Let me know in the comments section or on my social media accounts.


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  1. love these tips ! being fit and fashionable is so in right now! 😉 I’m a fitness blogger on here too! xx


    1. It is even if you workout at home! 🙂


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