What I’d tell my teenage self…

In hindsight, as a teenager, many of us wish we’d done things differently and wish we could look into the future and tell our teenage selves a thing or two.

things I would tell my teenage self.

  1. Listen to your mum – especially in terms of your education. She will be right. I gave up languages at the age of 14. I took history instead of French and German. It isn’t a regret, but it’s something I wish I’d have listened to.
  2. It’s okay to not know what you want to do – stop putting pressure on yourself. I’ve jumped about careers a fair few times and I’m okay with that because it’s helped me settle on my true passion – journalism.
  3. You will do it. This can be applied to so much in my teenage years, but mostly it can be applied to my worries about my GCSE’s and A Levels. I passed my GCSE’s and A-Levels and am now at university.
  4. Be confident because it helps. I struggled with very low confidence for a number of years and only now am I becoming confident in myself.
  5. Don’t apologise to people for trying your best and it not working out. I used to apologise to people when things didn’t go well. Life has ups and downs even when you try your best.
  6. Think about yourself. It’s not narcissism, it’s about your feelings and your thoughts. 
  7. Go for the things you want, but slow down. Being ambitious is a great thing, but you can’t have everything and you need to take it slow, otherwise you will burn out – but when you do burn out, you won’t do it again! 
  8. You can’t please everyone, so stop trying. This is something that takes time to learn for some. But please those you love the most.

    What would you tell your teenage self? Let me know below in the comments section or on my social media accounts.


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  1. nayardt · · Reply

    Great advice ❤️


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