So you want to be a political reporter?

Today’s post is about giving advice. I’m 99.9% per cent sure that politics is where I want to end up in my journalism career. Having done a fair bit of political reporting since September, I wanted to share with you my three top tips that I’ve learnt.

  1. Ask difficult questions – If you don’t ask difficult questions then you may not get a great answer. Ask the questions that people really want to know. Ask MPs/political figures the tough questions as asking these difficult questions may get you the answers you need!
  2. Be impartial – I went to a Labour conference last weekend and I had to remain impartial. I couldn’t bound up to a Labour MP, or a Conservative MP – or any MP really and express my own, personal political views. As much as you want to ask personal questions, you’ve got to remain professional and ask the questions that will matter to your audience. It’s hard, but it’s great fun learning!
  3. Don’t be afraid of rejection – Sometimes there will be times where rejection hits you in the face. It happened to me. I wanted to interview Jeremy Corbyn – I got a maybe and it didn’t happen for various reasons – and that’s okay as it happens. Learn to take a “no” or be prepared for things not going to plan. Journalism is fast paced and all about change!


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