Five tips for noticing when your mental health isn’t “great”

Disclaimer: I am not a trained medical professional – this post should not be used solely. Please seek professional advice and support about how to minimise the risk of developing mental health problems. 

Today’s post is about noticing when your mental health isn’t “great.” Many of us get stressed and anxious and I wanted to do a post to help people notice when they are starting to feel this way. Prevention and early intervention is key and noticing when your mental health isn’t as well as it could be is a start. Here’s my five tips!

  1. Use a mood diary. This may seem like a really silly idea, but it works. Even if you just grab a piece of paper and write down the date. You use an emoticon to show how you have felt during the day. Have you felt happy, sad or angry? If you start to notice a pattern of negative feelings then it may be an indicator that your mental health isn’t “great.”
  2. Use a mood app. Number one and two are roughly the same, but the app is an electronic version. I’ve been using an app called Emoodji, created by MIND. It lets you track your mood and allows you to send emoticons – if you wish – to your family and friends to let them know how you are feeling. You can find out more here.
  3. Look for changes in yourself – Are you feeling unlike yourself? If the answer is “yes” then this may be a sign. Stress, anxiety and other mental health problems can have an affect on your behaviour.
  4. Talk to people – Talking to people can help you open up your feelings. Friends and family may have noticed changes in you that you haven’t. I’m an open person so I find it easy to talk about my feelings, but if you aren’t an open person, just telling a person how you are feeling can help!
  5. Take a break – Taking breaks are so important. I’ve learnt what happens if you don’t. I found myself exhausted and stressed out which is a big no no! If you start to feel changes, then maybe its time to take a break – just for a little while.


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  1. I love this! There are so many people who don’t realize that they’re stress levels have gotten to an unhealthy state until it’s too late. Or we just assume that the stress is normal and don’t think twice about it. Great post!


    1. Thank you! I completely agree with you!

      Liked by 1 person

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