How to: deal with deadlines.

There’s no blog series post’s today (sad, I know!) – so you only have this post. Why? Simply because it’s deadline week. It’s the week where I and many others have a lot of deadlines. So this post is apt in a way and I really should take advice from it. A lot of the tips below come way before the deadline day. It’s also about during deadline week too – but they’re later on!

Here’s my how to deal with deadlines.

  1. Plan. Plan. Plan. You’ve been given an assignment and you know your deadline. First things first write it down somewhere where you won’t miss it. Your noticeboard, your diary or even your phone. Then plan what you need to do and by when. Here’s when the next step comes in – it’s especially handy if you have more than one deadline – like me.
  2. Make a plan of priorities – which assignment is due first? Make that one your priority. If you set priorities before then you’ll feel much better as it means you can plan ahead. I use stickers in my diary to remember when a deadline is 2 weeks, 1 week and 2 days away. It definitely keeps me level headed.
  3. Use SMART goals – Now you have your plan and your priorities, map out when you are going to do stuff. This way, when your deadlines are looming you can stay calm. SMART goals are specific, manageable, adequate, realistic and time-limited. Make these for every assignment – before they are due in.

There’s the practical before-deadline-day tips. But what about during deadline week? By this time you’ll probably – or should have your assignment done. If not, don’t panic, simply do the above quickly!

During your deadline week it’s important to check your assignment. Read it over and then leave it and come back to it with a fresh head. I normally leave it a day or so, but if it’s close to the deadline, leave it for an hour or so. If you really don’t have time, then read it a few times – and get someone else to read it over too.

Stay calm. It’s in the mind (ooooh!) and not just in the physical and practical workings.

You need to tell yourself to stay calm.

There’s a clever technique called “the STOP technique” which I use sometimes to calm myself down. In short, you shout STOP and breathe. You can find out more about it here.

When dealing with deadlines it’s also important to think about the three T’s. Take time, talk and think.

Take time for yourself – Don’t get too bogged down in work. Take time out now and again to take yourself away from the work. It’ll re-energise you.

Talk to others if you are struggling – Sharing your frustrations with others can help let your thoughts out and you may feel better for it. People may well be able to help.

Think about something you are looking forward to – Look ahead to something you are looking forward to and make it a reward. It will help you persevere and motivate you to stay calm. It can be done on a daily basis or it can be done at the end when deadlines have been met.


Eat healthy and sleep regularly – Make sure you eat healthy and sleep on a regular basis. It will help in so many ways!

What do you do to stay calm when you have deadlines? Let me know in the comments section or on my social media accounts!


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